• Dawtona, a leading Polish fruit and vegetable processor is the first in the country to adopt Crown’s innovative Orbit? Closure on its jars of Ogórki Luksusowe pickles.

    Orbit? Closure on jars
  • Crown’s universally easy-to-open Orbit? Closure made its debut in the Spanish market on jars of Gutarra’s “Tus Primeros,” a premium range of preserved vegetables.

    gutarra tus primeros orbit
  • Crown’s innovation efforts have led to the commercialization of metal vacuum closures for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers.

    Origiinal Recipe and Garden Combo
  • The easy-open capabilities of the revolutionary Orbit? Closure, which is growing in popularity across Europe among both consumers and brand owners, have been recognized by the industry with a string of prestigious awards, including five in the UK, two in France, two in Germany and one global a

  • Gourmet jam producer Staud's Vienna successfully launched its "Kunst und Genuss" ("Arts and Delights") promotional campaign with custom-designed metal closures from Crown.

    Staud classic painting lids
  • HAK, a leading producer of preserved fruits and vegetables in the Netherlands, became one of the latest brands to incorporate the Orbit? Closure from Crown on its range of apple compote and apple mousse products.

  • Crown's innovative Orbit? Closure made its market debut in the market on jars of Duerr’s range of jams and marmalades.

    Duerr's food packaging featuring the Orbit? Closure
  • Honeydrop, a specialist in a healthy, low-calorie line of teas and juices featuring a spoonful of honey in every bottle, chose to redesign its beverage packaging to improve shelf appeal. The company wanted to use the metal closure as a platform to keep the brand top of mind with consumers.

    Full range of Honeydrop Drink Packaging