Educating French Consumers about the Benefits of Canned Food

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

In February 2019, UPPIA launched a comprehensive communications campaign to promote the benefits of canned food to French consumers. The omnichannel campaign has been a resounding success, achieving4.1million engagements, including comments, likes, shares, and views, and exceeding its goal for interactions by almost 8%.

One of the platforms used was JAM, a popular French media messaging app, which hosted conversations about common perceptions about canned food. The conversations were promoted via Facebook messenger and to all JAM subscribers. Ultimately, over 50,000 people shared their views about a range of metal packaging related topics, providing actionable insight for the food can industry going forward. For example,57% of the respondents were aware of the environmental benefits of metal as a packaging material, while 58% of women and 70% of men believed canned food to be healthy. While positive statistics, it demonstrates that there is room for further education among French consumers about the sustainability and functional benefits of food cans and the role that campaigns can play in amplifying key messages to the public.

The campaign also included a live event which showed how consumers can prepare imaginative, exciting meals with canned food. Creative chef Taku Sekine developed a menu that incorporated four types of canned goods: vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish. Margot Cirou of YouMakeFashion was among the influencers and journalists who attended the event. Ciro's content garnered 2.7 million views across her online platforms, including Instagram. Journalists from Le Monde, Madame Figaro, My Cuisine, and 750g were also present and fueled positive stories about food cans.

Other highlights from the campaign, which concluded in December 2019, include:

  • Artist Greg Guillemin created five pieces using cans as a base for each work. The striking designs drew on pop culture and superheroes to raise awareness for cans. The exhibition was supported by interviews and video teasers. Guillemin’s efforts achieved a total of 27,000 interactions, including 8,900 video views and 15,000 views via Instagram.
  • Electro band French Fusewrote a music track using sounds created by cans. The unique production process was filmed and made into a short video, starting out in the duo’s kitchen. Hugely popular, the film was viewed over 134,000 times.

At Crown, we remain committed to supporting initiatives that promote the benefits of canned food to consumers. To break through, campaigns need to leverage a diverse mix of channels and find ways to connect to consumers in all the ways they take in information including the media, social media, events, music, and art. We look forward to continued collaboration with UPPIA and finding exciting new ways to showcase the power of metal packaging.