The Future of Color Drives Innovation at Crown

Human nature gift tin concept
Thursday, April 23, 2020

It takes only seconds for consumers to form their first impressions when choosing products from retail shelves. Colors, decorative finishes and textures are key to attracting their attention, and the way they work in harmony with materials such as metal can result in truly distinctive packages. This fact makes it vital for brands to understand what influences and motivates their target audiences, both now and in the future.?

We partnered with color and material designer and trend forecaster Laura Perryman to explore how future trends can influence innovation in our portfolio and help us deliver differentiated products to customers. Crown’s design experts have used the insight as inspiration for new packaging concepts that can help brand owners deliver exciting new products that will resonate with consumers.?

Radical Eco

Packaging that echoes the natural elements of the product within is the key to this trend. Words like “fresh,” “vibrant,” “mouth-watering” and “organic” are illustrative of the theme, which?is all about appealing to eco-conscious consumers in a joyous and playful way. Hits of color come straight from raw ingredients – ranging from a bright strawberry red to a deep beetroot purple.


Less can most definitely be more, as is evident with ‘Incognito’ – a trend that recognizes consumers’ desire to purchase freely and without pressure. Surface effects such as Deep Lustre and Tactile Chroma play with both cool and neutral colors, creating a feeling of understated luxury that is sure to intrigue.

Human Nature

Drawing on the Earth’s natural elements, this trend inspires finishes that play on the strengths of the planet’s unique variations. Oxidized mineral effects and deep earth tones combined with pale neutral colors embrace the diversity of nature, while raw tactility and beautiful imperfections create an emotional connection to our surroundings.

“Human Nature” Gifting Tin Concept

Drawing on the ‘Human Nature’ trend, this gifting tin concept uses the Earth’s natural color palette and vast array of textures to deliver a finish that connects consumers to the world around them. Its oxidized, weathered appearance is combined with a debossed effect that evokes a hand-carved feel, providing the triangular design with a raw tactility that makes it stand out from the crowd.